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Naver Kids’ Videos

At this time we offer 46 fully translated and captioned videos. The videos are hosted at Naver.com and they are originally intended for kids. We keep adding new videos to our library all the time.

Professional Translations

All videos have been translated by a native Korean speaker living in Canada.

Dual Subtitles

Having subtitles in both Korean and English will help you understand the spoken dialog in the videos better and you can learn the language faster in a more entertaining way.


By clicking on a small "sound" icon next to each subtitle you can listen to the correct pronunciation again.

Slower Pronunciation

There are two “sound” icons for each language, big and small. Clicking on the small icon will pronounce the sounds more slowly in case you have trouble understanding what’s being said.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Use the left/right keys to skip to previous/next caption groups. Use the number keys 1, 2, 3, 4 to enable/disable different pronunciations.

Black or White

The captions can be displayed on either a black or white background.

Text Size

Adjust the display size of the captions exactly as you would like it.

Hide a Language

Do you want to keep only English or only Korean for the captions? No problem! You can even hide them both.

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